Types of Loan Available

Fast Cash Loan in Singapore

Personal Loans

Whether it is for a medical emergency or other matters, we’ve got you covered. Get up to 6 times your monthly salary. Our fast approval and guaranteed cash release within 30 minutes will get you out of any tight spot immediately.

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Cash Loan Solutions For Everyone

Renovation Loans

With the keys to your new house, renovation surely top the to-do list. Whether you want to add new flooring, change the layout or repaint the entire house, the choice is yours with our flexible cash loan.

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Business Loans

Prosper Credit has your back when it comes to growing your business. From new business venture to restocking new inventory, we can help you grow quicker! Simply get a business loan with us.

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Payday Loans

A payday loan can help you tide over until your next salary comes. We offer the lowest interest rates in Singapore, so you won’t have to worry about unreasonable repayment cycles.

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Vacation Loans

Everyone deserves a break, but people often delay their plans because of cash. That’s where vacation loans are handful to give you that extra push, by letting you go on a vacation first and then keep paying for it later.

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Foreigner Loans

It may not be easy for expatriates to get a loan from local banks. Hence, we have made it especially easy to borrow from us, it is a simple process that is not restrictive or demanding.

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